Interview with a marketing manager of adult websites

Today I invited our marketing manager Tony to tell us something about his job and his free time. I can say, it was quite an entertaining interview. I bet you will enjoy reading it as much as I did ?

How long have you been working for IPE?
5 years, 5 months. It’s the longest I have worked for one company. I can easily say it’s the best job I have ever had so far.

How did you get into the industry?
Earlier I had worked in a digital marketing agency as a social media director and later on as web analytics director. It was a small company (20-25 employees) where I was reporting directly to the owner. It was a great starting job, however, after almost 3 years, there was nowhere to grow.

I was 23 back then and I wanted to see the world. So I started looking for a job in my field abroad and soon enough I found a job ad titled “Analytics professional”. In the second email, I was told it’s a job related to adult websites.

I hesitated for some time, thinking what I will tell my parents, new people that I meet, etc. However after a while I told myself it’s just for a year (length of my trip), I was always attracted to this kind of job and when I come back, I will get back in the mainstream.

Is there anything that you don’t like about your work?
Gay stuff. I have nothing against gay people, however, watching gay porn is something I didn’t get used to.

Where and how do you work best?
I’m most productive after an early morning gym session when I come to the office. That’s the time when all the tasks fear me, haha.

What is your favorite porn category?
Unfortunately, it’s not Indian, haha. I’m not a guy of one category. I believe the beauty of porn is you can watch some Asian girls now, a few moments later MILFs and tomorrow whatever else is on your mind.

Have you ever encountered a content that shocked you? What was that?
Shocked? Oh, shockingly that wasn’t in this job, but in my previous one. We had the rule to lock our PCs when we were not nearby. Of course, many colleagues didn’t do that. So we pranked them with various stuff.

This time we had a new account manager. An attractive girl in her mid-twenties, who left the PC unattended. One of the colleagues didn’t hesitate and on her PC opened a clip of a girl being fu*ked by a horse. Of course, he put it in into a loop.

Now, the typical reaction was what you would expect. Start yelling, swearing, try closing it and beat the closest colleague. However, this girl didn’t do any of that. She sat quietly, watched it till the end, then again and then she played again the most expressive parts. She followed up by saying it’s crap and emailed us all something we will never forget.

Can you share some funny story that you experienced?
Well, obviously I can not share everything here, but I believe you can imagine a lot of that. What I can say is that our team is spread all over the world, so most of us are working remotely.

There are many great perks related to that. Like having a team building in Thailand, flying to conferences in Amsterdam, Israel, the USA, etc. Working from the Philippines… literally, just now, I bought a ticket to Bali where I will spend the next month!

And what about the ads? Have you seen anything extraordinary these past few years?
Haha, you can bet I do. I see them every day. Sometimes I have to remind myself what’s ok and what’s not. People are capable of crazy things in the adult ads. Unfortunately, I’m not collecting them.

Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most?
There is no one person. I admire Elon Musk. I’m following up Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, recently I discovered Chamath Palihapitiya and many others. When it comes to sport, it’s Ido Portal. I’m trying to learn something from everyone.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I love adrenaline. It’s a drug. So I do whatever I can to get some. Currently, I get doped from kiting on both snow and water. In summer I ride downhill mountain biking. In winter (when there is no wind) we usually go skiing with my friends.

When the weather is shitty I usually hit a kettlebell gym and recently I started with street workout too. I enjoy running (especially obstacle races), I did paragliding and I’m looking into the option of skydiving (AFF training).

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Who would you like to interview next? 🙂

❤️ Shagmi