Interview with our SEO specialist – Akash

Today I am interviewing someone who started as a webmaster of one of our site but he became our SEO specialist. He will give you a peek in this mysterious sounding job. ?

How long have you been working for IPE?
March 2016, I started as a webmaster on

How did you get into the industry?
By default and not design, a couple of college mates started a couple of sites and they dragged me in it too!

One of my friends was going abroad for higher studies and I knew it would be hard for me to manage our site alone. And also we needed money to break the partnership. So I contacted IPE owners and sold it to them. I stayed as WM of AVP and later became the SEO specialist.

What drew you to start with the SEO?
Challenge. As I said it is the most challenging job in the internet world. If you go down you should have reasons and if you go high you should have the reasons for those too.

Not everyone understands what SEO specialist means. Could you tell us in short what it is about?
It means making sure site gets traffic on its targeted traffic. A lot of work and research is needed for it. It is easy if you enjoy challenges. SEO, in an easy term, means optimizing your content for search engines. But over the time the term has become very vast and thus it increased the workload of people in this segment of the industry too.

Describe your usual working day.
I am workaholic and my system is the first thing I see in the morning. My day starts with checking yesterday’s traffic on our sites, look at some SEO blogs for new information. Then I open my task sheet and work on it. My task sheet mostly involves audits and lots of audits. 

Is there any difference in SEO for porn sites?
Of course, porn is the toughest niche to work in. No one likes to give a backlink to a porn site and everyone thinks it is easy to make money. Over the course of last 5 years, porn sites have gone 10 times in number. Which means our battle is also against 10 enemies. (Enemy is just a symbolic term here, we are all friends in the industry!?)

How do you keep up with the trend? Is it time-consuming? Hard?
Lots of reading. Also, I browse porn sites a lot ( he he he, who does not!). Those give me latest trends and it is not tough if you make habit of doing it. Yeah, porn can be used to gain knowledge too.

What is your biggest challenge?
Passing on your knowledge and ideas to site runners is the biggest challenge for any SEO person. They take it as either too easy or too difficult.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Play with my dogs, train them to do different things.

I hope you enjoyed this short intro into SEO. Who would you like to interview next?

❤ Shagmi