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Could you please introduce yourself?
My name is  Jaanvi and I am 24 years old. Age-wise maybe young but experience-wise quite bold. I am working as XXX Indian Cam Girl. I prefer cams because you can earn more money than in voice only. I like to sing  – I am a great singer. I also love dirty dancing –  spanking my ass and playing with my boobs for my fans.

How did you get to Delhi Sex Chat (DSC)?
I came through the reference of my roommate. I was impressed to see her working from home in her comfort zone and earning so much. And now I can work from home as well 🙂

What did the initial training look like?
Initial training was very very good. Very welcoming and the team was really helpful. I was guided through every level, which was great as I was very nervous at the beginning. Gradually, work became easier and more interesting because of my trainer’s support.

What do you do on your normal workday? 
My typical workday I would say begins with DSC. I get dressed, fix my hair, point the lamps at my face, and put on my makeup for live action on cam. The show starts, and my regulars start filing in, asking me for updates on the most recent episode or how my day at work has been. We chat about general things, world events then teasing and sex chat starts.

What is your favourite outfit?
I love satin nighties in red and royal blue. See-through nighties and lingerie.

Who is your typical customer?
I have got a variety. Some of them are frank, happy and love to talk, some of them are lonely,  so they come here for a company, to spend some quality time with a girl. Some are fed up with their girlfriends or wife so they come here for a break and sometimes they come here to find an online webcam girlfriend who can satisfy them and with whom they can freely share their dirty desires.

What can you tell us about the Indian clients? What do you usually talk about?
Indian clients don’t like to see a naked girl at first glance. They like to see a girl who exposes and teases them little, who starts half-naked and then play with herself.  I like to talk about their sexual experiences and their secret dirty desires like incest, BDSM, swapping, strap-on. If their sex life is boring, by any chance, I suggest some naughty ideas to make it interesting and spicy. I try to open them by getting close to them and also by sharing something about myself.

Is there a difference between a customer in India and Indians living abroad? 
Not really. They all have the same desires but yes there is a difference between Indian customers living here and abroad in terms of credit purchase. Also, Indians living abroad bargain less and spend more.

What are the best compliments that clients give you?
That am the best cam girl they have ever seen. I know how to get standing ovations from dick. My clients say that I am super honest and my performances look real, I don’t act, I do what I feel.

And do they show themselves to you? What do they like to show?
Yes. Sometimes they show themselves. They love to show themselves while masturbating.

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories? 
Yes. I remember my initial days when I was a beginner and I used to think that all the members here are interested to see me naked. So I used to start off undressing instantly when a member entered my room. One fine day a member, who was not interested to see me naked, came in. I removed my bra and was about to play with my boobs and guess what he did………. he smiled and simply said: “Forget about boobs, let’s talk about something good”. I got so embarrassed for a second but he was smart enough to calm me down and we could continue the call.

Have you ever had any bad experience?
Yes, sometimes I come across some abusive members who spoil my mood but I either ignore them or I inform the support team and they do the needful.

And something we all want to know. Do you like working for DSC and what are the advantages of working there?
If I like it???? I love to work for DSC. Life is incomplete without DSC because it’s a place where I work with pleasure.
The advantages of working here are many. Like… I am my own boss, I am not afraid of any seniors. It’s a home-based job so I can work comfortably without many rules and restriction and I love social networking. I get pleasure in the sex chat and getting paid for my pleasure, nothing is better than that.

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