Interview with Casanova the webmaster of Tamil Scandals

I hope you liked our first interview because we have a new one for you. And this time with the Casanova from the Tamil Scandals 😉

How long have you been working for IPE?

I’ve been working for IPE, mostly on Tamil sites, for 5 and half years. And it’s been a great experience overall.

And what is it like to work for IPE?

I like working for IPE 🙂 The work I do has all the elements that a 9-5 work would offer, like job satisfaction, good salary and possibility to grow. Moreover working remotely adds flexibility and offers true virtual workplace experience.

How did you get into the industry?

I was hired through a freelancing site. Initially, I was a part-timer who writes wrote stories and video contents for under Tamil section. It was super fun doing what I like and expressing it through words. I was pleasantly surprised by the response from visitors and liked the nature of working on a virtual platform. Later, I realized the potential of the audience for the niche. Then, I was promoted to work as a full-time Webmaster on

You are a webmaster of Tamil site. How is it different from having an English site?

It’s actually a good question. Since Tamil is my native language it gives me the opportunity to use more metaphors and the language slangs. I can also use references from movies and lyrics from the Tamil song that are matching with the content and ultimately providing a trendy post content.  I think it provides me more writer’s freedom to express myself.  Rather than this, there are some technical aspects in regard to SEO to take care of.

Could you share with us what your typical working week looks like?

During a typical work week, I do a set of routine daily work which includes writing contents for the site, answering to user requests and queries. Other tasks may include checking the site for bugs, optimizing the site and communicating with visitors through Newsletters and mail and further promoting the contents to external sources. I like to prioritize my work for the week and try to accomplish certain tasks and goals within that week. An example of a difficult task would be finding engaging south Indian videos and galleries and to write titles in a most erotic and appealing manner.

What is your favorite thing about being a webmaster?

Well, there are a lot of favorite things about being a webmaster. One being is a feeling, that you’re in control of an entire site. Most importantly I get to satisfy my visitors’ needs and to make them crave for more fun Tamil niche erotic contents that they could not find elsewhere.

From the opposite side. Is there something that feels challenging or hard when you work?

My biggest challenge is to write content that is suitable for every visitor of the site. It is hard to please everyone. I don’t want the writing to be monotonous. And to write in a style that is unique to  But I know I’m doing well based on the feedback from our visitors 🙂

The feedback might be harsh sometimes. What’s your best advice for handling criticism?

Generally speaking, criticism is the best thing to improve yourself. Sometimes I get critique as a feedback from the visitors of my site. But I don’t take it personally. I think about what they wrote and I try to use it to improve and to make my site better. Thanks to that I get some new suggestion.

Do you have a favorite porn category?

My favorite porn category is Village. Because of the fact that people have the notion that village girls are too shy. But you’ll be surprised to see that they are not that shy after all.  Moreover, it’s a category for which you can easily get content for.

What surprising lessons have you learned along the way?

The surprising lesson might be perhaps the fact that everybody loves porn. People of all ages, religions, and gender. And I’m happy Tamilscandals serves as a platform to satisfy their sexual desires in their native language, even though there is not a lot of porn production films in India.

What do you like to do in your free time?

My best free time killer is watching TV Series – I just started with the first season of Suits. Other than that I like traveling and exercising. Most of the time I do short time HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercise at home or I go cycling to get some fresh air.