What do you do for (p)leisure?

When someone asks you about your leisure time activities, you probably answer something like running, reading books, watching tv shows or creating the plan for world domination.

A girl is running like crazy in the park for leisure

But would you think about adding BDSM* to the list? Despite the popularity of 50 shades of Grey, BDSM is still considered a kinky sex activity and not something you put on your resume as a hobby.

This can change thanks to the research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. They surveyed almost 1000 participants aged 18-89. Around 90% of participants said that BDSM gave them a sense of personal freedom and adventure, it decreased their stress and they felt relaxed.  97% claimed they had positive emotions and almost 99% experienced pleasure and enjoyment.  The findings show that BDSM fits the characteristic of common leisure experience the same way as attending the concert or golfing.

Gif woman's bottom in a lacy outfit that is swishing a riding crop

So the next time you are asked this question, you have a new option 😉 And if you are interested in some BDSM stuff you can check our site IPG.

XOXO Shagmi

* Often erotic practices or roleplaying involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other related interpersonal dynamics.