Girls just want to have fun

The Internet is for Porn” is a name of one Broadway show song. And even though it wasn’t the reason why CERN created World Wide Web, it is estimated that 5-15% of all content that can be found online is porn related*.

Traditionally porn has been viewed as a male thing. That assumption has already been debunked.  According to our statistics around 20-30% of all users are women. However, there was not a single Indian site that would be dedicated to them and their desires. Women’s porn demands might be significantly different.

That is why we decided to fill the hole and created Indian Pink Girls – the first site made exclusively for Indian women. Indian Pink Girls is updated daily.  Are you turned on by sexy pictures of Indian models?

Or do you prefer videos of passionate love making in the jungle? Maybe you are more into erotic stories? We have it all. So visit our site and enjoy everything you’ve ever dreamed of 🙂

PS: Do you know what porn Indian women like? You can check out this video and educate yourself 😉

XOXO Shagmi