It’s all about dicks

Any girl that has a profile on a social media or a dating site would agree, that unsolicited dick pics are something they don’t want to receive in their chat message. It is unwelcome and most of the time not aesthetically appealing.

Girl on the phone is disgusted

Soraya Doolbaz, an Iranian-Canadian girl living in NY, decided to take the whole dick pic situation into her own hands. She became a professional dick photographer and created Dicture – a project to make people laugh and poke fun at this alluring dating tactic. There is a variety of pictures and themes on her site and you can find many penises proudly showing their personality.

You will see pictures for a festive celebration.

Dick dressed as Santa

You can cheer for your favorite sports team with a new buddy.

Dick olympics

There is a dick for rap-music fans as well.

Dicky Minaj

If you’ve been naughty, there is something for you.

Dick officer

Or maybe you prefer the true gentlemen.

Dick gentleman.

There’s a dick for everybody.

So next time you want to send a dick pic to someone, try to be a bit more creative.  Maybe they will like it and send you some pictures as well 🙂

XOXO Shagmi